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Attractions in Panama

One of the reasons for Panama's increased tourism is partly becuase of the amount of facinating attractions it has, like the Panama Viejo, Ancon Hill, Centennial Bridge and the Museum of Colonial Religious Art, to name a few.

Attractions in Panama
Centennial Bridge
It is one of two main bridges that cross over Panama Canal, the Bridge of the Americas is the major crossing bridge, there are also two smaller bridges that stretch across Panama Canal at Gatun Locks and Miraflores Locks, the Centennial Bridge was op...

Cenegon Del Mangle Wildlife Refuge
The Cenegon Del Mangle Wildlife Refuge is in the Herrera Province and consists of 2470 acres of wetlands, coastal lagoons, and marine environments, this area is prone to floods because of overflowing from the Santa Maria River and particularly in win...

Bridge of the Americas
The Bridge of the Americas connects the divided land that was separated during the Panama Canal construction, in 1914 with the construction of the Panama Canal, it divided the country of Panama and also the Northern and Southern parts of America, lea...

History Museum of Panama
The History Museum of Panama is located in the Municipal Palace and is one of Panama's best museums, if you love history and want to learn about the history of Panama and it's surrounding areas. Here at the History Museum you will be able to see many...

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Mi Pueblito stands for My Tiny Village and is a replica of various towns throughout the country of Panama that includes typical Panamanian, Indian, and Antillian culture

[ Mi Pueblito - More info ]

It is one of two main bridges that cross over Panama Canal, the Bridge of the Americas is the major crossing bridge.

[ Centennial Bridge - More info ]

Originally the city of Panama was established by the Spanish back in 1519, the city was then destroyed by Henry Morgan, an English Pirate in 1671.

[ Panama Viejo - More info ]

The towers of Ancon Hill offer unequalled spectacular views of Panama City, Casco Viejo, Panama Bay, Albrook Airport, and Panama Canal Administration Building.

[ Ancon Hill - More info ]

The Canglon Forest Reserve is in the Darien Province, you can access the Canglon Forest Reserve through the Yaviza highway which is situated between Tuira and Canglon rivers.

[ Canglon Forest - Info ]


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